Site Terms


Welcome to SAW, my training portal. Let me being by stating this : i'm not a marketing , advertising multi million dollar corporation however as I allow you to be a member, read my blogs and sign up for news - its only natural I share my terms, policies and data usage policies.

Let's begin shall we, ( its a brief list)

  1. My site is protected with the adequate patents and rights to all content created by me. Credits for articles, quotes shared will be duly displayed to avoid bad blood. For images downloaded from free sources - you are equally free to share them. However before recreating my posts/ website content for your benefit - drop me an email. It's polite and will ensure my legal aid wont come after you. 

  2. My blog is meant to inform, entertain and suit a specific line of audience. I understand every post will not suit your preferences and all i can do is urge you to ignore what you don't advocate. Kindly avoid hate comments, trolling and all that negativity media has become much of. Again. my legal can take actions against those who discriminate based on bias. 

  3. I'm a trainer, so much of my website content serves to inform or coach as it's the best form of marketing for a free lancer. Please avoid soliciting my work , copying it and then admonishing credit where it is due. I'll be more than happy to devise content for your needs as a reasonable price. 

  4. I like making friends so i'm enabling you to login / sign up for my blogs/news and site updates through your email/google or FB logins. Please note this DOES NOT ALLOW me to copy your account information, read your Facebook data or analyse your data usage for my benefits. Nor do I choose to SPAM. 

  5. SAW will however from time to time choose to send you a flyer, poster or a "whats new" email/social hit as once again freelancers must publicise themselves. Please feel free to ignore, reply or approach me for more on what you like. Likes/Shares/Recommendations are always welcome. 

  6. When you fill the Contact Form, the data I collect is purely to understand your training, content or blogging interests and needs. It is not a database generator for some telecom industry to pass on to anyone to cross sell you ANY products or services. I have no 1st, 2nd, 3rd party vendors or 'friends' who want your contact info. Your data stays with me and is at most sed by my associate to call you to book an appointment. 

  7. Ads are good, Just don't use my website as your dumping ground. All google ad-word sellers, vendors please drop an email to incase you wish to advertise a client to my site traffic.

  8. My privacy policy is equally simple. Don't copy what's not yours. As you wouldn't borrow my clothes without my knowing, don't dip your pen in my ink. And i'll reciprocate this ethic.

  9. SAW Logo, name and brand identity are protected under the copyright acts of creation country as well as my hosting provider.